Welcome to the Studio.

Bāsalt bodywork (bāsalt) is a small, woman-owned massage studio that has been in business in Ocean City, NJ since May 2018.

What sets bāsalt bodywork apart from other massage therapy establishments and local day spas?

Ultimately, what sets bāsalt apart from other establishments and spas is why it was founded.

bāsalt was founded in an attempt to connect with even the smallest fraction of people going through the motions of life who may be unable to put a finger on the root of their dis-ease. Additionally– to give back to those in the medical community that have forgotten the importance of self-care in the midst of the turmoil of taking care of others.

Clients are greeted by a clean and natural aesthetic which harbors an intimate boutique stocked with healthy self-care items. At the request of many clients, bāsalt now sells the same essential oils and CBD salves used during Sessions along with other quality products from specially-selected small and sustainable U.S. businesses.

In the spring of 2020, bāsalt added an infrared sauna room.

Now, clients will be able to reap the following benefits: enhanced immune system; whole body detoxification; pain & stress relief; improved healing time; improved circulation; decreased blood pressure; enhanced metabolism that can assist with healthy weight loss; and organic skin care.

bāsalt bodywork dedicates the entire studio to one client at a time for the duration of their session. Clients have noted that they feel more at ease when they arrive—knowing they have permission to slow down, unwind, and truly travel to a place where they are able to reconnect to themselves in a familiar and welcoming space. In one client’s words–

“Like a journey….”

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