Expectant Earth Mothers

The Earth has spoken. For some, she is speaking in tongues. May is upon us. The Beltane has just passed.

I think of my own mother.

I wish I could go back in time before I was born and whisper goodness in her ear–prepare her for motherhood. Now, I wish I could infuse another lifetime into my mother’s cells, take away her physical pain and deformity, and make sense of her sorrow–because I truly love her. But she is so far away–all I can do is try to guide this energy to her somehow and nurture her as best I can from afar–and hope that I can see her again soon to lay hands on her.

I think of myself.

I wish I could go back in time before my children were born and whisper goodness in my ear–prepare myself for motherhood… infuse another lifetime into my cells so that I had enough minutes and hours and days to tell my children how much they mean to me.

After I had birthed my three children, I thought I wanted to be an obstetrics nurse. The scenarios I witnessed during my OB/GYN clinical rotation made me realize that I barely had the fortitude to take care of my own offspring. Perhaps, this is the reason I have shyed away from becoming certified in prenatal massage. Woefully, I look back wishing I had felt empowered by my pregnancies and more justified to pamper myself. Because it is a time you are so fortunate to be a part of and one in which can not be replicated– no matter how many times you are blessed.

Since opening bāsalt, I have received so many requests to perform prenatal massage. However, I referred them to other establishments in the area.

But I feel that these mamas should be taken care of by someone who is certified and truly passionate about all things maternal.

At one point, I thought I had found the perfect candidate in Jessica-Rae. I approached her with an offer to be a featured therapist at the Studio…she respectfully declined.

Because… she was actually opening her very own massage & yoga studio!

How will you be celebrating the expectant earth mothers in your life?

If you want them to feel empowered and pampered, I would like to suggest treating them to a massage with

Mamasté Birth & Bodywork

at Zen Landing.

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