The Work.

Compassionate massage therapists and bodyworkers forced to examine their personal and professionial framework have encountered an emotionally charged ethical dilemma filled with more than one paradox. 

I have discovered the irony in my thinking that I could escape the stressors of being a nurse by starting a relaxing career as a massage therapist.

Attempting to capture data that substantiates and solidifies rationale for whether to hide, walk away, or carry on during a pandemic is a scavenger hunt. The hope of finding be-all and end-all best-practice guidelines via peer-reviewed/published literature, governing boards, departments, centers, and mentors isn’t realistic when the data is evolving right before our eyes.

We believe in the work.

Thus, in addition to implementing enhanced sanitation & ventilation between appointments and utilizing personal protective equipment, bāsalt will diligently strive to stratify and mitigate risk for our clients & surrounding community by imposing the following parameters to our massage session & sauna services:


3-step cOVID-19 screening process prior to studio entry

Two (2) person max in-studio occupancy. (therapist + client).



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