The Only Constant…

Uncertain times have a tendency to curl one into the proverbial fetal position. One starts to crave the comfort of the familiar–doesn’t normally seek out more mystery in life. Sometimes this leads one back to old and undesirable habits. But it doesn’t have to.

Revisiting the familiar, but for further reconciliation; Shifting awareness…and willingness–on a daily basis; Cajoling oneself toward more dynamic, less viscous thoughts: not all for naught.

marci page, rn/lmt

fear not.

What will change

screening prior to studio entry.

a glass bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the lobby.

all “paperwork” done online.

EPA-approved botanical disinfecting cleaner for use against SARS-CoV-2

fresh, white 100% cotton mask.

fresh & clean face cradle sling.

Onsite commercial washer & dryer

Infrared Sauna Room

60-minute “Cross-wind” ventilation between sessions.


what will stay the same.

flowers by the door

frequent hand washing & individual hand towels.

no paper towels.

Norwex antimicrobial micro-silver/microfiber cleaning tools.

freshly disinfected massage table.

aromatherapeutic essential oils.

fresh & clean massage table linens, 100% organic massage oils & warm Himalayan salt rocks.

minimum 60-minute gap between sessions.

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