What’s Going On?

Memorial Day is right around the corner. COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted all over the place. Fatigued minds and bodies want to know:

Where can I go to get a great massage and start feeling human again?

Well…ordinarily, that would be here–The bāsalt Studio.

However, as many have been gathering… we are still temporarily closed. After moving from 8th Street, bāsalt was lucky enough to find another home base on Asbury Avenue right on the edge of the commercial zone. It seems nice and quiet here.

But… what I really loved about the space on 8th Street was the “hole in the wall” feeling of the historic building. This space is newer construction, but has good bones. It just doesn’t feel like bāsalt yet. And I need it to or I can’t function.

So, that’s what’s going on. I am trying to make the new space feel like a “hole in the wall”. I keep plugging away at it every day.

My main source of anxiety stems from knowing that there are gift cards still in circulation. I really don’t like to leave people hanging or wondering if I have skipped town. So, please spread the word:

The bāsalt Studio re-opening date is yet-to-be-determined, but we are invested in staying here a while.

In the interim, the following is a list of bodyworkers that I trust:

Please don’t let me be the reason you don’t make an appointment for a massage. (I really need to follow my own advice.)

Hope to see you all soon.

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