before i go…

Just wanted to let everyone know…

The bāsalt Studio will be closed from December 19, 2021 until at least January 4, 2022.

Thank you so much for making the re-opening in the new location–what I would consider–a success.

Do me a favor. Please ring in the new year with an intention that matches your truest heart.

Can you imagine if we all really put our minds together– all at once– at the very same time– with the intention of truly doing everything in our power to make this world a better place to live?

Man, I love thinking about it. Let’s make it a reality.

In other news… our little mercantile-in-the-making was open for customers this past week. I gotta tell ya–not too many people came by. However, it turned out really good for the people who did happen to stumble upon our little shop because there was a give-away! Every customer was entered for a chance to receive a FREE 120-minute massage. The odds of winning were phenomenal. The results will be announced on Instagram.

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