calling all gift card holders!!

Look in your junk drawers!!

Did you know bāsalt only allows a certain number of gift cards in circulation at any given time?

It’s sounds strange, but it’s true.

Right now… all the gift cards are in circulation.

Did you also know that if you fail to use your gift card or don’t give it to someone who is able to use it…another great person– who would like to purchase a gift card for their loved one– may not be able to do so.

That’s a bummer, man.

But you wanna know something cool?

If you have an original bāsalt bodywork gift card that looks like the picture above,

you are holding a pretty good investment.

Once you redeem your card, you have the option to recharge the card at 10% OFF the value.

Give it away or keep it to use another day.

Ultimately, the original card design will be phased out and a new design will surface. However, once a new design surfaces, the cards of original design that are allowed to remain in circulation will be able to be recharged at 20% OFF the value.


Help get the ball rolling! Learn how to redeem the ORIGINAL bāsalt bodywork gift card TODAY!!

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