It is official.

The POTUS and our State’s Governor via the CDC have declared that COVID-19 is sticking around.

We have transitioned from pandemic to endemic.

Since 2020, there have been numerous Executive Orders outlining the steps taken by our State during the waxing and waning Public Health State of Emergencies (the latest declared in January 2022 and extended secondary to the Omicron variant).

There has been a lot of verbiage to keep up with. Even my insurance carrier stopped keeping track of the executive orders last June despite there being oodles more on record as recently as yesterday’s– Executive Order 292 (EO 292).

So, after reading the word “WHEREAS” hundreds of times–there seems a small beginning to positive vibes:

  • “[t]he Public Health Emergency ha[s] dissipated [in part to] increased rates of vaccinations and COVID-19 testing…”
  • “[o]ver the last two months, the number of hospitalized patients has gone from over 6,075 to under 730…”
  • “[t]he number of patients in intensive care has gone from over 900 to under 140…”
  • “[t]he number of ventilators in use has gone from over 500 to under 85…”
  • “[t]he number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 has gone from approximately 33,400 per day to 887 per day”
  • “[t]he weekday spot positivity of COVID-19 tests has gone from over 39 percent to under 2 percent…”
  • “[t]he COVID-19 Activity Level Report (“CALI Report”) issued by the New Jersey Department of Health (“DOH”), Communicable Disease Service [R]eport for the week ending March 4, 2022, presented activity levels of “Moderate” and “Low” throughout the State.”

bāsalt will continue to revise their policies as needed. Please pay attention to messages contained in session confirmation emails. Thank you.


  1. bāsalt will honor any client’s decision to continue wearing a mask for any reason. In this case, please wear a clean cloth or disposable mask that fits behind the ears.
  2. bāsalt will continue to implement pre-session temperature and pulsoximetry readings. It has been determined that gathering this additional assessment data is an efficient and useful way to establish certain aspects of massage candidacy and is within our scope of practice.
  3. bāsalt will continue to implement a layered mitigation strategy that includes use of air purifier, cross ventilation, regular replacement of furnace filters, frequent scheduled disinfection of common surfaces, and a requirement that all massage therapists continue to wear a mask while performing bodywork.

The bāsalt Studio will comply with all federal and local regulations as we do have an ethical duty of care to provide our clients a safe environment and session— as well as to maintain our licensure, insurance, and overall trust of the Ocean City, NJ community.

Still…bāsalt encourages everyone to understand how COVID-19 is affecting your specific community.

Be safe & well.

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