Coming Home

Recently, the way in which I critique
disappointment has piqued my interest.

This aspect of self-awareness feels like walking on eggshells—never completely confident that my lifetime of fragile frustrations are worthy of validation. But…in the same breath, external validation seems upliftingly unimportant.

In my mind, complaining and/or negatively reviewing have to be on the low end of the emotional intelligence scale because they require little effort to muster and, virtually, no skill to master.

Maybe then constructive criticism and/or advisement tip the scale toward enlightenment?

I don’t know.

In my opinion of human behavior, advice is a sensationalized perspective—at times paradoxical — culminated from the deductions of personal or vicarious epiphanies and then wielded— with varying degrees of empathy and urgency– in an effort to directly or indirectly modify free will.

However, it has been my experience that the act of advising another is akin to the passive projection of unfulfilled aspirations; a masquerade for airing regret; hollow if not truly lived.

I have been to a familiar place for an extended period of time.

It is time to come home and practice what I preach.

bāsalt will reopen for business,
Friday, January 13, 2023

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