FasciaBlaster® q&A

I thought it was time that I start answering some frequently asked questions. So, whenever I have the time, I will let them land here–interview-style. When I have enough compiled, I will devote a page to all of them for easy reference. If you have a question you would like to have answered and featured in a blog post, just let me know. Thank you. 🙂

Marci Page, Owner

What do you think about the FasciaBlaster® ?

I enjoy using FasciaBlaster® tools immensely. I have three different styles, but mainly use the MASTERBLASTER™.

I have found that the FasciaBlaster® is a tool that can have amazing side effects if used on a regular basis—but, even after one use, I felt a difference in my body.

What is a FasciaBlaster® & what does it do?

FasciaBlaster® tools were designed and patented by Ashley Black. Her back-story is pretty fascinating. She created this tool in an effort to mimic palpating fascia as opposed to rolling or cupping, etc.

The tools have been designed with little claw-like attachments that have smooth/rounded edges. These little “claws” grab the skin incrementally.

A couple of caveats

  • Because the tools are made up of a hard plastic composite (polymer/BPA), there isn’t much “give” when compared to using the fingers of a human hand in a similar fashion.

Thus, there is a much higher chance of creating micro-bleeding into the tissues (scattered bruising).

  • Similarly, since this is a “tool”–and not a human–it doesn’t supply the warmth that is created from skin-to-skin contact.

Thus, it is recommended that one warm up their skin with hydrotherapy, sauna, etc. prior to or during use. (Massage oil is also recommended.)

When the tool is used in a vigorous manner with varying pressure, it will perpetuate heat while also stimulating the skin surface and deeper tissue layers by virtue of friction and mechanical manipulation.

While using the tool on myself, I have found that the stimulation of tissue will cause my skin to itch—deeply—which causes me to want to apply more pressure to satisfy the itchiness… which leads to significant bruising and tenderness in the area for more than a couple days afterwards. This has never adversely affected my well-being, but it isn’t pretty to look at.

I am guessing that the itchiness is caused by mast cell activation (histamine release) within the fascia. However, it could be a reaction to the plastic composite material or something completely different, ya just never know.

Ultimately, though, the FasciaBlaster® assists in loosening fascia restrictions. What this can possibly mean for you is: increased mobility, decreased pain caused by entrapped structures (nerves, muscles, etc.), improved circulation, fluid mobilization, and a smoother appearance of your skin.

pssssttt… just like what can happen when you receive regular bodywork–

remember: this is a gadget meant to mimic palpation. 🙂

Do you offer FasciaBlaster® treatments at bāsalt?


If you like the tool and use the tool at home, why don’t you offer FasciaBlaster® treatments in your Studio?

Unfortunately, Ashley Black’s Company, ADB, has endured a lot of bad press based on negative reviews by people who claim that her product was harmful. She has had to defend her company from a recent Class Action lawsuit and as of 2021, has added an extremely lengthy legal disclaimer to the ADB website.

According to the FasciaBlaster® website, the tools have been classified as Class 1 Medical Devices and are intended for SELF-USE only by healthy individuals.

Despite this disclaimer, the Company is currently promoting a new professional certification program.

At this time, I am unclear how to interpret this conflict and I am unsure if any certification is approved by the State of NJ.

Regardless, my instincts tell me to abide by the Company’s own legal disclaimer.


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