owner. licensed massage therapist. nurse.

Marci grew up in southwestern Montana, but has lived from coast to coast over the years. Her three beautiful and talented children are all grown up and living their own lives. However, in 2001, when her children were still very young, Marci became a registered nurse. She enjoyed a nursing career that extended nearly 20 years in Texas, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, and New Jersey.

In 2007, she graduated from the Denver School of Massage– logging over 850 clinical hours.

Incorporating massage with her nursing care, she was able to see, first-hand, how massage therapy benefited her patients by reducing their pain and anxiety in addition to aiding in the regulation of abnormal hemodynamics. She was hooked from then on out.

Marci spent eleven years taking care of cardio-thoracic, trauma, and surgical intensive care patients and four years taking care of patients in the emergency department both as a nurse and a nurse case manager.

The last portion of her nursing career she worked in cardiac diagnostics in a university setting and as a legal nurse consultant vetting medical experts and analyzing medical records in southern Arizona. Shortly thereafter, transitioned to taking care of the indigent population in southern New Jersey.

This transition marked a crossroads for her.

She began to realize that the last 1/3 of her career she had felt as if she had not been allowed to provide the type of care that her patients needed. She felt betrayed by a broken system.

Thus, in 2018, she founded bāsalt bodywork and embarked on a new career where she knew she could provide a level of care that would make a positive impact in people’s lives.