Traditional Thai Tuesday

Try something ancient. Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation, and manipulation to balance the body's energy flow, release tension, stimulate circulation, and improve range of motion. The practitioner uses palms, thumbs, feet, and knees to apply gentle compression and deeper acupressure, and positions the body into … Continue reading Traditional Thai Tuesday


It is official. The POTUS and our State's Governor via the CDC have declared that COVID-19 is sticking around. We have transitioned from pandemic to endemic. Since 2020, there have been numerous Executive Orders outlining the steps taken by our State during the waxing and waning Public Health State of Emergencies (the latest declared in … Continue reading enˈdemik


bāsalt is happy to announce that MediCupping™ is back on our list of services. Our clients will be able to book a MediCupping™ Session in the same manner as booking any other session throughout the week. There is no upcharge for this phenomenal modality. ok. so, what is MediCupping™ ?