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bāsalt is…


Owned and operated by a registered nurse and massage therapist,  bāsalt is currently located in Ocean City, New Jersey. We are striving to help create a more compassionate culture. We have a desire to partner with like-minded individuals, businesses, and corporations in an effort to promote our mission.

The bāsalt Mission: To establish a norm of co-existing in a state of well-being by making bodywork and therapeutic massage attainable for all socioeconomic classes.


to do our utmost to minimize your exposure to toxins…

In a perfect world, everything that is introduced to our body whether it be via the air we breathe, the water that we drink, the produce and other food we choose to eat would be pure and organic. We all know, as hard as we may try, we are constantly being exposed to contaminates. One can become overwhelmed when researching the topic or begin to feel like it is too late… “I have been exposed to too many toxins… where do I even begin to reverse the damage that is probably occurring right this very second at the cellular level within my own body?”

A firm believer in  fresh starts

Those who seek massage and bodywork therapy have some level of understanding that toxins can be released from tissue at the cellular level with proper pre- and post-session hydration/personal care. bāsalt believes that everything is connected…the tiny epiphanies that occur in our lives each day whisper this truth to us and are the catalysts for our choosing to practice.

Practicing what we preach…

We accept that we may never completely be able to change world-wide conditions that exist that have allowed so many toxins to be readily absorbed through our membranes over the long course of time. But… we do have the ability to  create an atmosphere that can positively impact these conditions one person and one session at a time.

Doing our part…

Currently, we provide sessions that utilize

certified organic Himalayan salt stones.


We provide complimentary   aromatherapy utilizing “100% pure and authentic” RMO logo

We also host a menu of U.S.D.A. certified organic Ayurvedic oils directly from  banyan botanicals logo

Our clients will be able to find hardy plant-based skin care products formulated specifically for the outdoor enthusiast from  colorado aromatics logo

Additionally, the entire line  of 


Most importantly, we sanitize your therapeutic environment without introducing chemical residue by utilizing Norwex® cleaning supplies. This is a sustainable cleaning system with an extremely advanced micro-fiber/micro-silver weave that effectively removes microbes from surfaces and inactivates microbes within the cloth using only water.Norwex FB banner ghandi





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