Since bāsalt bodywork opened its door in 2018, it has been a goal to provide a simplified menu.

The moment our clients walk through the door, the entire space is dedicated to their de-escalation, decompression, and deep breath.

bāsalt’s pricing is geared to

time spent in the studio.

At bāsalt, we believe that it is impossible to expect a client to accurately choose the type of massage their body will need ahead of time. That is why you won’t find different prices for different types of “pressure”. Additionally, the sessions are timed to allow a thorough massage treatment. Our clients should never feel rushed to get undressed and jump on the table. The clock doesn’t start ticking until the therapist’s hands touch the client.

Each session is tailored by the input of the client and the intuition of the therapist.

A bāsalt massage includes

many modalities in one session.

Over the years, clients have come to expect that every session be individualized. Clients have the freedom of choosing to incorporate hot stone, kansa, and/or rose quartz tools and/or letting the therapist decide what would benefit the client most.

What has ultimately developed and remained a constant with every session is the inclusion of at least least three (3) complimentary aromatherapeutic essential oils for olfactory and skin absorptive benefits, the use of 100% organic massage/carrier oils, and the ever indulgent warm Himalayan salt rock foot treatment.

recent additions

CBD salve, MediCupping™, and Infrared Sauna has expanded the service menu from the original signature bāsalt session. These additional services are priced separately; however, discounts are applied when these services are combined.

(i.e. sauna + your session or medicupping = save $5)

(i.e. sauna +your session or medicupping + cbd = save $10)

infrared sauna

30 minutes = $30

60 minutes = $60

your session

60 minutes = $100

90 minutes = $130


90 minutes = $145

cbd salve

250mg = $15 sample

500mg = $25 sample

Practice, Habit, and Ritual Packages are currently paused.

We hope this pause is only temporary.

Athough we appreciate your kindness, gratuity is not accepted for services provided.