Doreen C.

I have had massages for years , on 4 continents, in countless countries, by incredible massage therapists. Today I do believe I may have had the best massage to date. Marci at Basalt Bodyworks in Ocean City is simply incredible. She recently added an Infrared Detox Sauna. I did a half hour in there before we began. Now I suppose you could ask her for a specific type of massage , but I have always believed that a good masseuse will know what you need. I would describe Marci as an Intuitive Therapist. She finds the knots, she feels the tension, she uses CBD oil if you want , she uses essential oils, she uses hot stones. She also plays great music and I just love the vibe of her space. So do yourself a favor… love yourself , and treat yourself to a well deserved massage. YOU ARE WORTH IT!