Traditional Thai Thursdays


For those clients who feel more comfortable fully dressed; have heard it is akin to “lazy-man’s yoga”
simply know it is a modality like no other.

90 minutes : $150

120 minutes : $200

Try something ancient.

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation, and manipulation to balance the body’s energy flow, release tension, stimulate circulation, and improve range of motion.

The practitioner uses palms, thumbs, feet, and knees to apply gentle compression and deeper acupressure, and positions the body into stretching movements that provide a unique and therapeutic bodywork experience.

At bāsalt, Thai Sessions are performed fully clothed upon a mat on the floor. The effect is one of improved mobility, deep relaxation, and enhanced physical and mental well-being.

Our therapist, Carol, is passionate about preserving the integrity of the practice of Traditional Thai Massage. To learn more about this philosophy—and the teachers she has learned from please visit: The Naga Center

We hope to see you soon.

Float like a leaf
on the water.