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It has been– and continues to be– a strange time in the quasi-medical world of massage therapy.

I have found it fascinating how each facet of the industry here in NJ–from educators, licensing boards, insurance companies, associations, special interests, corporate chains, small businesses, independant contractors, etc. have dealt with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic sequelae. It comes as no surprise that responses have been different depending on the slant.

When it comes to The bāsalt Studio–we just take it back to our mission statement and core values. We are keeping it simple and straight-forward for the greater good.

The bāsalt Studio asks a lot of questions on our medical questionnaire in order to obtain the most thorough assessment and provide the best outcomes for our clients. Afterall, both the therapist and client have rights and responsibilities associated with the session.

Some clients will always be more forthcoming than others. However, just as in a hospital setting, most times– and for many reasons– I believe therapists rely on their own assessment skills in order to provide the safest level of care. There are even instances–which I am sure some of you can attest–that medical history is elicited purely by happenstance during a session.

There is no right or wrong way to learn; there is always an ebb and flow; omissions come to the surface in time. The medical questionnaire is merely a tool used to commence learning and healing.

So, being the quasi-medical professional that I am, I feel like making space on the questionnaire for COVID-19 during a pandemic isn’t irrational. I especially am interested because of the widely reported incidences of “long-haul COVID” symptoms; and conversely, the reports that receiving the vaccine has alleviated some of these symptoms.

With the continued mutation of this virus that also continues to place varying levels of risk on every demographic—bāsalt, too, will continue to keep precautions in place and revamp policies as needed as per the latest Governmental Executive Orders.

bāsalt encourages everyone to understand how COVID-19 is affecting your specific community.

According to the CDC, the virus continues to mutate and is vaccine resistant; however, it has been statistically shown that by being properly vaccinated one can reduce the severity of symptoms. This is why the owner of the Studio has chosen to stay current with her vaccination for this virus. However, she believes in medical autonomy and respects individualism.

Click on this link to find out how your county is doing.

Regarding the vaccine: Not politicized. If applicable, please include as with any other treatment, medication, and/or supplement on health history questionnaire. Include dosage dates and any adverse reaction—if you feel inclined.

Here is the owner’s vaccination status:

06/21/2022Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
1 ml IM
Lot #014B22ALeft deltoid
12/02/2021Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
1ml IM
Lot #012H21BRight deltoid
05/24/2021Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
0.25 ml IM
Lot #049C21ARight deltoid
04/0262021Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
0.25 ml IM
Lot #007C21ALeft deltoid

Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

Regarding the Mask & Screening:

Please remember your clean cloth or disposable mask that fits behind the ears.

  1. bāsalt will continue to implement pre-session temperature and pulsoximetry readings. It has been determined that gathering this additional assessment data is an efficient and useful way to establish certain aspects of massage candidacy and is within our scope of practice.
  2. bāsalt will continue to implement a layered mitigation strategy that includes use of air purifier, cross ventilation, regular replacement of furnace filters, frequent scheduled disinfection of common surfaces, and a requirement that all massage therapists continue to wear a mask while performing bodywork.

The bāsalt Studio will comply with all federal and local regulations as we do have an ethical duty of care to provide our clients a safe environment and session— as well as to maintain our licensure, insurance, and overall trust of the Ocean City, NJ community.