The Work

The bāsalt Studio gears pricing to the time you decide to spend in the Studio.

We do not accept gratuity.


prices include sales tax.


Now we can get to work.

60 Minutes$100
90 Minutes$150
120 Minutes$200

Welcome to your space.

the short session

60 minutes in duration.

It is perfect for the client that prefers a light to medium pressure and is more than content with 15 minutes of work to each quadrant. Similarly, and frankly, it may be just the right amount of time for the client with less body surface area (i.e. children and clients with a petite frame).

Additionally, it may be a more tolerable and beneficial duration for the client with an anatomy-specific acute pain syndrome where a more focused treatment and, perhaps, firmer pressure and/or more intricate techniques are required.

60 Minutes$100

The little-bit-longer sessions

90 & 120 minutes in duration.

These time-frames are perfect for the client that prefers a more in-depth session that includes varying pressures and massage modalities. This client is enabled to receive an individualized, therapeutic, & relaxing experience.

90 Minutes$150

It may sound elementary, but if you are a client that may have difficulty feeling at ease in different surroundings or an inability to immediately “turn off” internal chatter–a Little-Bit-Longer Session may be just the ticket to help overcome these entirely normal phenomena.

120 Minutes$200

Additionally, for clients with a larger body surface area, more time may be needed in order to receive the massage experience that your body’s tissues deserve.

And lastly, if you often find that a 50-60 minute session leaves you feeling underwhelmed, ultimately rushed, and disappointed–you definitely could benefit from more time.

It is our belief that these and other special circumstances related to varying degrees of mobility and/or organ dysfunction issues actually warrant scheduling a longer duration in order for the client
to be afforded a comfortable and dignified Session.