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Individualized therapeutic Bodywork

what sets us apart.

At bāsalt, our clients’ sessions will always include more than one massage modality. Despite differing ailments and pressure preferences– the goals are always the same: induce relaxation; address a chief complaint; encourage a broader sense of self.

Thus, we align with the notion that tagging different modalities with varying price points tends to send a barrage of mixed messages–as if one form of bodywork is better or worse than another because it costs more or less.

In reality, any modality is the best modality

when performed with knowledge & intention.

in order to understand what you may need, ask yourself:

Can I point to my area of dis-ease?

Is your discomfort localized or spread throughtout your body?

Can I describe my state of dis-ease?

Is your discomfort adversely affecting your sleep patterns? –the way you move? –your demeanor?

Which of my personal idiosyncrasies could be challenging to my massage therapist?

Hint: Understanding your “idiosyncrasies” is the key.
Communicate them to your therapist. When you are comfortable, you begin to trust. When you trust, you begin to heal.

It’s a great day for a fresh start.

[a] safe, clean and peaceful sanctuary that felt calming

from the moment I walked in...”

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