It’s a process…

Recently, bāsalt, along with all massage and bodywork establishments in New Jersey, has had to re-think how we book our clients’ sessions in a way that adheres to new and evolving standards of care.

The timing and method in which each massage establishment implements change may be slightly different, but we should all have a common goal: Keep our clients safe and healthy while mitigating as much risk as we can for ourselves and our communities.

Marci Page, owner/rn/lmt bāsalt bodywork, llc

bāsalt has always taken pride in being able to make booking a session convenient and autonomous for the client. However, this process of adherence has highlighted areas that are ripe for continued improvement.

Currently, to meet measures outlined by the STATE OF NJ DEPARTMENT OF LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY, bāsalt has created forms that must be completed prior to obtaining permission to book a session. This may seem very inconvenient, but it should actually equate to the amount of time our clients already spend filling out forms on the premises and give each client more time to provide a more thorough response. Which, in turn, should allow bāsalt to be more familiar with each client’s overall picture of health and provide a more individualized therapeutic session.

The “contact-less” strategies that must be introduced would be a tedious, ineffective, and unsecure process if done in the usual manner. Thus, we are currently in the process of converting our documents to HIPAA compliant interactive forms that our clients can fill out online.

We appreciate your patience. Be safe and well!

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