Solitude within Community

Each day for the past six months, I have inserted my key into a rusty lock and noted the crunching metal sound that lets me know the door will open, albeit, with a little effort.

Nonetheless, I envision the entrance as it will look someday as I shove the door shut, step over random objects, and walk instinctively on a diagnonal path toward the light switch that instantaneously illuminates the overwhelming piles of 2 x 4’s and scattered tools atop a sawdust covered floor.

Some days, I can’t believe so much time has gone by and I feel like I am spinning my wheels.

…But most days, I am reminded I have been given a rare opportunity to create.

What a gift.

The bāsalt Studio is not necessarily “growing” in the normal business sense of the word. Although the studio is literally tripling its space, we aren’t adding more massage rooms. However, with more space, we will have the ability to diversify our offerings.

The improvements that are underway at the new location have all come from the cues of clientele. Upon completion, I hope that the bāsalt Studio will become one of the places you think of when you feel the need for solitude.

You are all the “push” I need to re-open. Thank you for your patience.

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